Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bon voyage

Goodbye Angleterre for three weeks. Let the journey begin. Considering what lies ahead and the insane amount of carbon offsetting I am committing to, I thought a taxi to Clapham Junction for the airport train was acceptable. Thank you to everyone at EDF ER for a wonderful send off yesterday evening - I am perusing my Rapha Tour journal in the back of the cab for that last bit of inspiration. No udder cream applied just yet. 

Not much sleep last night as the adrenalin started kicking in and I packed, re-packed, re-re packed in a vain attempt to distil the kit bag contents. I still reckon I am tipping the scales and unlikely to need half the toot in there. 

The next post will be from Corsica, but for now have great Fridays. Bonne journee!

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